Temples of the Ark e-Book Released!

The Temples of the Ark

This past year I wrote a short prequel to the Shards of Heaven series that takes us back to the time of Alexander the Great and one of the more mysterious events of his conquest of Egypt. The story is “The Temples of the Ark,” and I’m very pleased to…

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The Gates of Hell – Released!

The Gates of Hell (Shards #2)

It’s out! It’s out! The Gates of Hell, my second novel, was released yesterday, and I’m tremendously excited about it — because it’s a really good book. Oh, sure, I’m biased, but check out the concluding thoughts of the terrific first review of the novel: Everything that worked in The…

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A Broken Bridge on the Road to Freedom


The Election of 2016 is over. Donald Trump is president-elect of my beloved country. Lady Liberty’s torch has long served as a leading light upon the road to freedom. And for far too many people it surely must seem as though that light has just gone out. Those who have…

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A Birthday and a Book


I turned 41 this past weekend, and I’m busier than ever. The paperback of The Shards of Heaven came out a couple weeks ago, its prequel short story “The Temples of the Ark” was released on Thursday (an ebook version will come soon, which I hope you’ll purchase), and the…

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Shards of Heaven Now in Paperback!


Critics have called it “top-notch,” “breathtaking,” “dazzling,” “original,” and “relentlessly entertaining” (among so many other kindnesses). If you’ve been wanting to find out what they’re talking about, if you’ve been wanting to read The Shards of Heaven but haven’t wanted to pay hardback prices … well, today is your lucky…

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