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Had high hopes to get much work done this weekend, but all was shot by parties in need of appearing, cars in need of researching, emails in need of answering, and hobbits in need of attending. So little was accomplished.

Oh, and I lost a solid half-hour of worktime at one point trying to figure out how Chaucer would say “train” in no more than two syllables. Alas, I’m still drawing a blank.

Football Reality vs. Fantasy:

In the third preseason game, versus the Cleveland Browns, my virtual Broncos’ won 112-17. The real Broncos lost 16-17 and keep emphasizing to the media and fans that it is only the preseason and things don’t really count; they’ll play worth a damn when the regular season starts, they say. I hope so, but in the meantime my mad Madden skillz have me polishing my resume to send to Pat Bowlen. Move over, Mike Shanahan!

Tecmo Bowl(In all honesty, there must be some difficulty setting on the game that isn’t set right. I’d never played Madden before a couple weeks ago — ye olde Tecmo Bowl was the extent of my virtual football experience up to that point — and I only practiced for an hour or two before I started up my virtual season. So something must be setup wrong.)

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