A Good Day

It’s nice, now and then, to pronounce the pleasantries of a day well spent, and today was just that.

The Hobbit slept until 8am or so, which is wonderful for all sorts of reasons. I miss sleeping in until 10 or 11 on Saturday mornings (ah, college), but nowadays 8 can seem like a victory.

Had extra special yummy cereal for breakfast, due to a short-term 15% off sale at Target on all Archer Farms products. That includes their Blueberry Granola Flax cereal, which is usually too rich for our pantry. My parents hooked me on it over the summer, though, and now we check to see if it’s on sale every time we happen to be in a Target.

Went to Lowe’s to pick up some caulk in order to aid my mission to mount a frog-shaped toy holder in the bathtub. For the Hobbit, you know. Anyway, I found out they sell caulk in these little “single-use” packs now. Really nifty, especially since I tend not to use all the caulk in a tube before it dries out.

Leftovers for lunch, consisting of pigs-in-blankets. Add in my usual Diet Mountain Dew and a spot of yogurt — in a delicious new flavor — and the noon hour was passed quite pleasantly.

Designed a terrific advertisement for The Shako, with a little graphic adjustment help from the esteemed Mary Robinette Kowal.

When we got married (those many years ago), we had next to no money at all, but we did pull together enough to splurge on a decent table to eat at: a solid oak beauty and two matching chairs that’s been with us ever since. Alas, now that there’s a Hobbit in the world, two chairs soon won’t be enough. The Wife has been watching Craigslist as a result, and today she found an ad for a table and two chairs that looked suspiciously like ours. A short drive later we were $45 poorer but furnishing richer. The two chairs match great, and we’ve now swapped out our old table for the new one, which is slightly bigger. Craigslist rocks.

Hobbit took a decent nap. Much grading accomplished.

Successfully mounted the plastic frog in the bathtub. My cordless drill is officially dead, but I got to get out the big corded beast as a result. The masonry walls beneath the tub tiles didn’t stand a chance.

Downloaded James Taylor’s “Our Town,” a song written by Randy Newman for Cars. Great song.

Had terrific Mexican food with friends at my favorite restaurant out on John’s Island. Big margarita, superb chorizo, spicy salsa, good company …

Yes. A good day.

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