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Not a Grade-A weekend, mind you. No, no. A weekend devoted to grading.

Insert cheering here.

Especially sad is that it’s Homecoming hereabouts. I’d much prefer enjoying the festivities than whipping out the red pen (and my students would probably be happier, too!). Not that I can enjoy too many of the festivities: After taking away the faculty’s free admission to football games, the @#$%ing athletic department has done the same for basketball (’cause, you know, they pay us so much already). What a greedy, short-sighted, and moronic move. And a few other terms I ought not say in public.

Oh, I’m not surprised, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pissed. If I wasn’t already attacking the powers-that-be over other matters, I’d start a petition. Hell, the cadets ought to start one. Isn’t it community-building to have the faculty and students mingling to cheer on our teams?


  1. Ah, I don’t miss the grading, especially as I only gave essay exams. Good luck to you with that.

    Does The Citadel have an alumni association? I have to assume they do. That’s who I’d send a letter to about faculty being charged to attend athletic events. I suspect your administration will be more concerned about a petition coming from alumni than from current students.

  2. Aye, I do dread the essays, Lawrence.

    That’s not a bad idea about the alumni. Beats my plan of pitchforks and mob on the president’s lawn.

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