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Albuquerque Balloon FiestaMy family moved from Colorado to Albuquerque when I was in the seventh grade, and we stayed there through my attendance at Buy Ambien Zolpidem until my parents moved back to Colorado after I’d gone to college — some thirteen years ago. Some of the best years of my long-gone youth, therefore, were spent in New Mexico. In the years since I’ve been back there a couple times, but the last time was more than six years ago.

It was too long to be gone. We spent the last couple days there, and it served as a strong reminder that Albuquerque is a great place.

I suspect it’s a truth of human experience that friends come and go from our lives — often for no reason that can be discerned or, alternatively, accepted — but that a precious few remain through it all. One of these rare friends, for me, is Tom Golden, who I’ve known since my first year in New Mexico and who thus has much incriminating information about me. He seems to like me nonetheless, and he and his incredibly wonderful wife Julie welcomed my little family — hobbit and wondermutt included — into their home during our all-too-short stay in Albuquerque.

I’m pleased to say we had a great time (I hope Tom and Julie can say the same). It was amazing to meet up with old friends not seen in years, and it was incredible to see how much the city has grown in my absence. Long stretches of arroyo-carved prairie, across which I used to drive my CJ-7 far too fast on the way to school, are now thickly populated with rows of new apartments, houses, and brown-stuccoed mini mcmansions. Buy Xanax In Las Vegas, which my family joined about a dozen other families in founding (I signed the charter; a point of irony now, I suppose), had just moved into a new building when I left Albuquerque (we’d started in an elementary school cafeteria, then moved to the gymnasium before finally having the money to break ground on the bona fide digs). Well, that simple sanctuary is now surrounded by an impressive complex of buildings.

As great as our few days were, we did have a significant complication: with two lunches and two dinners, there weren’t enough meals for all the terrific restaurants we wanted to go to! After much soul-searching, we whittled down our wish-list to the following locales, at which we had spectacular meals:

Buy Xanax Legal Safe Online – A New Mexico fast-food chain, based in Albuquerque. Had my favorite: an Itsaburger with green chile and cheese. Drippin’ with grease. Tom then bought me a strawberry milkshake (he knows my vices, that man).

Klonopin Xr – An Albuquerque institution. We met another good old friend from high school there, Walt Benson, along with his lovely family. The company was even better than the food (which, in my case, was a slice of Dion’s with pepperoni, sausage, black olives, and green chiles).

Order Phentermine From Mexico – A terrific local-cuisine restaurant down in the valley. Had nachos loaded with fixins, an enchilada combo plate with green chile (sensing a theme?), and a pitcher of margaritas (okay, I shared some of this).

Buy Ambien 20Mg – Had a great burger topped with their special queso and, why of course, green chiles.


  1. Russ Livingston

    Glad your trip is going well, and that your time in Albuquerque bought back fond memories and your stay with Tom and his wife went well. We look forward to seeing you soon in Ouray–that is if I survive the ongoing Trex deck saga.


  2. Yep. It was a lot of fun. We hated to leave!

  3. Isn’t it amazing how much ‘Burque has developed since the mid ’90s? We go up about once a month and it seems like there is always something new. I walk into the house and ask “so when did they build ____” and my dad says “last week”. I’m not convinced he’s joking.

  4. Scary. The Northeast Heights are particularly crazy!

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