Almost Healthy

This semester has been tough on the family health-wise. It’s hard all over this year, what with H1N1 and all, but I think we’re also suffering more than usual because the hobbit is in school. Pretty much anything going around there comes here, which means one of us usually gets it. And once one of us has it, everyone else will soon follow.

As a result, for the past many weeks we’ve been on a rotating schedule of sickness. If I’m healthy, the wife is down. If she’s healthy, I’m down. It’s like a tag-team in wrestling. The kids have been popping up and down, too, and for a few days earlier in the week in the family but me was on some good ol’ Amoxycillin to wipe out a strain of something-or-other that was skipping through the house.

Everyone seems on the mend now (knock on wood), which is perfect timing: I have two stacks of papers showing up tomorrow.


  1. I’m glad to hear you’re all feeling better.

  2. We are so glad you hear things are on the upswing–hope it stays that way.

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