America’s Best Colleges

The Citadel is a pretty small school when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it. The student population isn’t very big, our faculty isn’t large, our campus isn’t of the sprawling variety, and I can assure you that our budgets aren’t blowing anyone away … yet I’m proud to say that we’re throwing around a weight far beyond the measure of our size.

Via astronomer and writer friend Mike Brotherton, whose University of Wyoming is doing very well, comes the Forbes list of America’s Best Public Colleges, where little old Citadel ranks 48th ahead of some pretty heavy hitters. (Take that, #80 College of Charleston!)

Even better is Forbes’ list of America’s College Best Buys, which makes no distinction between public and private institutions. The Citadel is a healthy 16th!

Go El Cid!

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