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Angels Among Other Things

Some months ago, I published my first short fiction collection, Angels Among Other Things, as an Amazon Kindle e-book. I made no announcement of it at the time, primarily because I wanted to work the kinks out of the e-book. I have quite a bit of experience in digital publishing, after all, but formatting for the new e-readers is something I had not done.

Life got busy, and it was only recently that I was able to update the file and feel comfortable announcing it to the world.

So here we are, and just in time for the Holidays!

Angels Among Other Things collects nine of my short stories:

– A Very Young Boy with Largely Clipped Wings
– The Keeper Alone
– Dr. Williamson and the Master Speed
– The Angel of Marye’s Heights
– At the End of Babel
– The Hand That Binds
– After the Song is Sung
– The Catch of the Day
– Gnome Season

Two of these stories have never been published. One of them won Writers of the Future. The others are among my favorites for one reason or another. Because I like such things from other writers, I’ve written short blurbs about the origin and composition of each piece.

So if you’re wanting to load something up on your Kindle (or someone else’s) this Hannukwanzmastide season … Pick up Buy Xanax In Las Vegas. Then come on back and let me know what you think about it!

In the meantime, I’ll be working to get the collection available for the Nook and other e-readers. 🙂


  1. Congratulations, Mike!

  2. Thanks, Cathy. Here’s hoping it works!

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