Back to Work

Went back to the grind today. I’m still not near better, but I’m far closer than I was last week. Never again will I take the word “flu” in vain. I used to say things like “Oh, I had a 24-hour flu bug” or some such. No more. I’ve had the flu for real. I won’t mistake the copycats again.

It had been a few days since I’d been out and about, but walking to my office brought all the Citadel fun back to me: I had to return two salutes (one not quite crisp), and make my way through a small army contingent in full field gear (packs and guns and camo) taking up a defensive position in the parking lot and trying to pretend they were in enemy territory and not beside a Honda. I imagine my frumpy, muttering presence did not improve their exercise. Given my higher rank, it probably offended them, too.

My bad.

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