Battle of Brunanburh: New Publisher! Newly Done!

The manuscript for the completed book.

There’s been a lot happening with The Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook, and though I can talk about some of it now, I can’t get into the nitty gritty details on much of it. What I can say is this:

1. The book is done. It’s been “done” before, I know, but what you see above is camera-ready copy of the volume, with a full and ready index completed (the last item courtesy of the indefatigable John Bollard).

This fact alone is full of awesome.

2. The book has a new publisher. This is the news I can’t talk about too much. For a number of reasons, I asked for and received permission to “shop” the completed volume at other venues from its original home. A large percentage of the publishers I approached were enthusiastic about the volume, and we ended up with something akin to a race to see who would turn over a contract first. The winner: University of Exeter Press. They’ve been terrific to work with so far, and they’ve assured me that the volume will be out this spring, just in time for this year’s Kalamazoo festivities.

That fact is no less full of awesome.


  1. Bravo, sir!

  2. Congrats. Thats a lot of pages. Well done.

    • Thanks. It is indeed a big book: I shipped off to England today, and the cost of the bundle was $44.

      Big or not, though, I expect you to read every single page. Especially you, Connor: it’s about time you started reading some medieval Latin, Old English, Welsh, Irish, Norse, and French. 😉

  3. Can I wait until it comes out as an e-book? 🙂

  4. @CathyB E-book?!? Going to be a looooong wait, my dear.

  5. I will read those languages when you teach me how to read them. 🙂

  6. @Connor Ah… so you’re coming to The Citadel, then? 🙂

  7. I wouldn’t count on it. Your great and all, but I’m not sure I want to salute you all the time.@Michael Livingston

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