Beach Living

Spent part of this oppressively-warm day on the Isle of Palms, sitting on the long, lovely beach, kicking waves, relaxing, and watching the Hobbit play happily with his grandmother — who has thankfully given us a respite from some of our parenting duties.

It was truly wonderful.

Of course, I also played with the new iPhone while I was there (raise your hand if you’re shocked, eh?). Put in charge of the New One for a bit, I sat in the shade and answered some business email (mostly Paper Golem stuff). Quite awesome. Then, just for fun, I tried to take a picture of myself and the wee bonny bairn using the device’s camera. One of my first phone-camera shots — and certainly my first trying to aim at myself — and it was not very successful:

iPhone Self-portrait: Elanor and Me on the Beach

iPhone Self-portrait: Elanor and Me on the Beach

Still, it was a good day. And tomorrow Sherry and I will continue the joy by seeing a movie… alone… in the theater.  When the heck was the last time we did that?!?

Thanks, Mom!


  1. Congrats on the iPhone. And it seems to take good pictures (exceptionally cute little one on the right!!). LOL Glad you had a great day at the beach–I know grandma enjoyed it a great deal.

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