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I’ll no doubt have more to say on the matter — I’ve been up for far too many hours and need sleep — but I thought a quick note was in order to let folks know that this morning, at 19 minutes after midnight, Sherry gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl.  

Elanor Colleen Livingston came into the world weighing 8 lbs, 1.3 oz, and measuring 21″ in glorious, if slightly annoyed length.  Mom and Baby are resting comfortably.  Young Samuel (3 in June!) gave his baby sister a sweet kiss on first meeting her and then immediately pointed out that we should be “careful” with her.  In particular, we are not to drop her on the floor.

So all will clearly be well.


  1. Congratulations to the whole family! She is beautiful!!!

  2. She’s as pretty as the flower she’s named after! Welcome, little Elanor!

  3. C. E. Bollinger

    Congratulations to the growing family. With Big Brother Samuel on the job, there’s no doubt that this little girl is blessed indeed.

    Best wishes to mother and daughter.

  4. Thanks! Am all smiles hereabouts.

  5. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Congratulations! I missed the birth announcement when you posted it, somehow. I’m so pleased the sequel has arrived safely.

  6. Congratulations! And Samuel is so cute…

  7. Thanks, Aliette! Aye, we’ve got a couple cute kids.

    Now if the one would start sleeping through the night…

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