Bored, Bored, Bored

Bedrest blows. Can’t do squat. Can’t walk. Can’t really talk.

The only thing making it tolerable at the moment is season 2 of HBO’s Rome. Good stuff. Useful for my mind, too, since Four Shards has many of the same characters.


  1. Feeling any better, Mike? And can you at least give the hobbit a hug now? I know he must have been missing you muchly during your necessary quarantine.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts, Cathy.

    I’m feeling quite a bit better now, actually. It might not be as much better as I’d like — given that my 12-hour teaching day starts Tuesday morning at 9:30am — but I’m at least moving around the house. I’m even writing this in my office chair as opposed to curled up in a fetal position in bed.

    And yes. I’m hugging the squirming hobbit again, much to his annoyance. 🙂

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