Bracing for Hanna

School’s out!

Oh, just for the afternoon. Seems that Tropical Storm Hanna has taken a distinct turn toward South Carolina, with the most recent models showing the eye passing between Myrtle Beach and Charleston just after midnight. Since South Carolina ain’t exactly Montana in size, that means a whole lotta really big storm is gonna come right over us. It’s already been raining ferrets and squirrels outside (cats and dogs, I’m imagining, will come later tonight).

We’ve done a few things to try and get ready, but we’re pretty new at this whole tropical weather stuff — so basically we’re just planning to hang on tight for the ride.

There’s a decent chance we’ll be without power at some point, so I might not be posting during the event or right after. On the plus side, my feeling is that The Citadel would be quick to regain power if it did go out. No worries.

My favorite piece of advice from a hurricane veteran over the past days was that we needed to prepare by buying lots of bottles: Water, of course, but mostly booze.

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