Brother and Sister

Elanor turned one-month yesterday, so we had an amateur photo session (as in, taken by Mommy) to commemorate the occasion. We took monthly pictures of Samuel for the first year, and we really enjoy looking back at them, so we’re doing the same with his little sister.

I simply had to share one of the pictures that resulted when Samuel could no longer contain himself and had to join in:

Big Brother and Little Sister

Big Brother and Little Sister

Amazingly adorable, isn’t it?

Samuel has been a real good guy about sharing time so far. He has his moments, but all in all he’s doing great. “Sister crying,” he’ll report to us in a concerned but patient voice while we’re desperately trying to ignore her latest caterwauling. “Sister sleeping, SHHHHHHHH!” he’ll proclaim loudly beside her crib.

Not that it’s all sweetness. He has, on a couple of occasions, gone over to her when she’s crying and said, “Sister, STOP!” — which while naughty sure felt like the sort of thing I wanted to say.

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