Busy But Productive

Life has been busy, but happy. The short of it all:

  • The PUP is working great. All modifications are holding up so far, and I hope to make one more this weekend.
  • Classes are in full swing. So far so good. 101 is always tough slogging early on while the freshmen get their college legs under them, but they’re a good group.
  • My “spare time” life as Jeep armorer required an enormous time crunch that cost me a couple of weeks of sleep … but it seems to be in steady rhythm now.
  • The wee lass took a significant blow to the head from one of those “carriage” swings. I wasn’t there, but apparently the poor thing was shot airborne. Seems to be fine now, though, other than one big ol’ scab across half her forehead.
  • I’m about 1/3 finished with a super secret new novel project.
  • I did a heavy edit on the introduction to a scholarly edition of a medieval Italian text I cannot actually read.
  • Another of my undergraduates got a paper he wrote for me accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.  So many students have the potential, but few take me up on it when I tell them that if they work with me — writing, rewriting, researching, and rewriting some more — there’s a good chance I can get them in print.  This young man took the challenge and succeeded.

And last but not least…

  • Tonight I finished the first (and perhaps last) draft of a paper I’m presenting in mid-November. I’m never this far ahead!


  1. I'm just worn out from reading your list! :PI wish the wee one a speedy recovery!

  2. Actually, it was a glider swing. 🙂

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