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We’ve been back in Charleston for a couple of days now. The trip to DisneyWorld was absolutely marvelous. I hadn’t been there since high school, and boy have things changed.

This was me then, in 1992, standing in front of Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom with my Dad:

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Disneyworld, 1992

And this is me now, in 2010, standing in front of the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom that didn’t exist back then with my Dad, Mom, Wife, and two Wee Ones who also didn’t exist back then:

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Disneyworld, 2010

Amazing, isn’t it? I mean, we were sorta fuzzy back in the day, and now — clear as can be!

In all seriousness, this was an amazing trip. My life had been, as was last reported hereabouts, quite busy. I needed a break. And Disneyworld ain’t a bad place for a break, my friends. And I can’t think of anyone I’d rather take the break with than my terrific family. It was a wonderful generational experience. From the kids to their grandkids — see what I did there? Disneyworld makes everyone a kid! — we all had a blast.

We stayed on Mouse’s Grounds, at the Buy Xanax Legal Safe Online, and it was slick. The magic just didn’t really end: day or night, we were in Mickey’s world of wonder. Had a great room, too.

The new Animal Kingdom was swell, but I think my favorite part was seeing the lad’s joy every time he saw Mickey (his love of the mouse is Klonopin Xr here). Parenthood is truly amazing in addition to being tiring.

Alas, it’s a bit more tiring than usual these past few days. The kids both ran fevers on the way down there, and while we were there those fevers morphed into colds. The Wee Lass got hit particularly hard — by the time we got back to Charleston she had ear infections in both ears, poor girl (is on antibiotics now). I got hit with the cold on our second-to-last day there, in Epcot. I’m only now getting over the hump with it, I think.

On the plus side, the next couple weeks are relatively free of pressing demands, which means I’ll be able to catch folks up on life a bit more regularly.

For the Jeepers out there, that also means another Project XK post is coming up!


[Edit of 27 May: The Wife found a less fuzzy picture from Disneyworld past, this one of me and my Mom in line at Indiana Jones Show in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (which was then Disney MGM Studios or something like that):

Indiana Jones Show 1992

Disneyworld Indiana Jones Show, 1992

Too cute!]


  1. Ah memories…pleasant ones of times past and times current. We had a tremendously good time. Thanks for sharing your Disney vacation with us older generation folks.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I recognize th Mike is those pictures.

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