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Just a quick gasp from end-of-term grading to note that the lass turned one today! A recent image, just so folks know that we’re raising her right: She’s actually very excited in this picture. Very proud of herself for perching the pear upon her wee noggin’. Another couple pictures, just…

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I thought I ought to post an update on my healing from Spring Break’s double tooth-yanking. Happily, I can report that I had very little ill-effect. I didn’t swell up hardly at all, and I was pretty much done spitting blood by the next morning. I don’t know if these…

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The Young Master, who is fast approaching the age of four, has an increasingly varied vocabulary, the origin of some of which I cannot fathom.  He also has an increasingly active imagination. Both of these changes are quite a lot of fun. At the same time, the Lad’s growing and…

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So two hours ago I got dropped off at the dentist to have two wisdom teeth yanked.  Am back at home now.  Can’t talk, but I can type (obviously). It was an interesting experience. They offered me various levels of anesthetic, and I opted for the local stuff only. The plan…

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