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We got high-speed internet via the cable company (Comcast) today.  It was a bit tricky since we weren’t existing cable customers — we continue to get our television over the air — but we decided to ditch DSL for two significant reasons: Cable was cheaper, and DSL went out any…

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Spent part of this oppressively-warm day on the Isle of Palms, sitting on the long, lovely beach, kicking waves, relaxing, and watching the Hobbit play happily with his grandmother — who has thankfully given us a respite from some of our parenting duties. It was truly wonderful. Of course, I…

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I bought a cellphone an iPhone today. No joke. Not only have I succumbed at long last and joined the cellphone zombie horde, I decided to go in with a bang by picking up the cutting-edge, just-released-today 32GB iPhone 3GS. And I have to say: it is extraordinary. But that’s…

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting a fancy-pants cellphone, perhaps even canceling my land-line in the process.  In particular, I’ve been pondering the prospects of the new iPhone 3GS. It is unquestionably a terrific little smartphone, one that ought to do precisely what I think new technology should do:…

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