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In October I decided to invest a little bit of money in the stock market. Not a lot of money, mind you, but some. I did so with full willingness to lose every dime, which seems to me to be the only reasonable approach to gambling. And buying stocks, if…

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January is “Be a Tourist in Your Own Town” month here in Charleston, which means we’re getting into all the tourist things really cheap. Today we visited the museum/conservatory where the Confederate submersible H. L. Hunley lies suspended in a really big tank of water. (If you’re unfamiliar with the…

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I decided this afternoon to take the rest of the year off from work. As a result, we took advantage of my off evening to drive and walk through the Charleston County Festival of Lights, which is an absolutely extraordinary display of over two million lights (seriously, who counts ’em?)…

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I’m not saying I necessarily disagree with the move, but … geez … I sure never expected this. I mean … wow. I’m sort of at a loss of how to react. I’m shocked, really. Were there times I was frustrated with Shanahan’s coaching? Absolutely. Jay Cutler has a howitzer…

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