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Alas, Hanukkah is ending. To celebrate and show solidarity with the Jewish peeps ’round the globe, I just consumed about a dozen latkes. Must now roll into the living room to show my solidarity with the Coloradoan peeps around the globe by rooting for the Broncos. I imagine beer and…

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Woke up this morning to wonderfully plump snowflakes drifting in a slow, earthward dance between the pines. Just thought I should share for all those folks roughing it in Charleston today.

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So we’re back in the Rockies for a week, enjoying the crisp air and long vistas of snowy mountainsides under rich blue skies. It’s marvelous. The one downside is that I’m reminded once again how I’ve acclimated. While not feeling the effects of the high altitude yet — at Charleston…

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We had the ultrasound on Tuesday. Everything seems to be good. And look! She waved!* * Aye, looks like Daddy’s getting a little girl. Pity the would be boyfriends, for I will not.

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Okay, well not quite completely done. I’m still waiting on material from one graduate student. But, seriously, that’s really close. Good enough for government work, as they say (though one suspects Mr. Obama might well be changing that kind of thinking). Anyway, almost all the grades are in, and I’m…

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