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I’m still a bit stunned about the news, but there’s just no denying that it is official at this point: I’m teaching Creative Writing this Fall. Sure, the rest of my classes are of the ol’ 101 variety, but that doesn’t change the utter coolness that I’m also teaching Creative…

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I’ve been up to quite a bit lately — thus the silence for over a month ’round these parts — and there’s thus quite a lot that I might chat about here: academic news, fiction work, teaching successes, sudden family vacations, and so forth. And perhaps I will bring that…

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Life has been busy, but happy. The short of it all: The PUP is working great. All modifications are holding up so far, and I hope to make one more this weekend. Classes are in full swing. So far so good. 101 is always tough slogging early on while the…

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Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s really been a month since I posted anything here, but, well, on the other hand, I have been pretty busy. I’m in Colorado at the moment. That begins to point toward the reasons for my quiet. My month of June was greatly discombobulated by…

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