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A blog reader recently sent me a note complaining about having the Road Runner Song stuck in her head due to my recent post thereupon. I’d like to apologize publicly for causing any undue strain on folks by posting annoyingly catchy songs from my youth. It’s a shame, it’s wrong,…

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I just found out that I have a LiveJournal feed thanks to that writer/programmer/wunderkind Eric James Stone. So anyone who wanted to read via LJ and didn’t already know about it, here you go: Thanks, Eric!

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One of my first orders of business after returning to Charleston from cold but beautiful Colorado was to craft up some syllabi for the new term. I’m happy to say they’re done as of two minutes ago. I’m teaching Composition and Literature II (again), but more exciting is my upper-division…

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The finish line is in sight, though. Just a few more days until their all in and we’re jetting off to Colorado for a week or so with family. I can’t wait, though it’ll be strange to need a coat to go outside. It’s currently 57 here.

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