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I’m still a bit stunned about the news, but there’s just no denying that it is official at this point: I’m teaching Creative Writing this Fall.

Sure, the rest of my classes are of the ol’ 101 variety, but that doesn’t change the utter coolness that I’m also teaching Creative Writing (English 426-01, kids!).

I knew that a number of students had petitioned to have me teach the course over the years, but I also knew there was some reluctance about letting that happen. Though I’d made my own willingness to do it clear — and I’d meanwhile taught a couple creative writing sections at the graduate level — I wasn’t about to make a bit deal out of not getting to do it. I was hired to teach medieval literature, after all.

So I was truly (and happily) shocked when I was told the decision had been made.

Now I only hope the class gets enough enrollment to run.  The past few years creative writing hasn’t been offered because not enough folks signed up for it. Methinks I need some advertising signage:

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See that? Fonts from Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Old Tyme what-not. Welcome all genres!


  1. I would love to audit that class to hear your approach to the subject.

    I predict it will be so popular you’ll have a waiting list. Have fun with it, sir.

  2. Thanks! I’ve taught it at the graduate level, so I don’t have a big curve to do it for undergrads.

    And I sure hope it’s that popular, Cathy!

  3. I love writing so much. Writing is part of my life and I am looking for a training program that will enhance my writing capability. I am happy that creative writing is offered in some schools.

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