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I’ve been absent for a bit around here, but it is for good reason: I’ve been driving across the country from Charleston to Colorado — fighting one hell of a wind on the way — and then recovering from said drive. I’m here in Colorado meeting up with my parents and brother, as we’re taking a wee family trip for the next week down to canyon country in pursuit of some uncharted Anasazi ruins. Spent a good bit of time yesterday looking at satellite photos in preparation. All looks like it’ll go well.

Must away for the moment, but once things slow down a bit I’ll post in more detail about what’s transpired. It should be an adventure!

Actually, it already has been. My dad and I went fly-fishing up on the South Platte this morning, and I latched into the biggest rainbow trout I’ve ever seen in the flesh. Monstrous. Fought it for quite a while, with video to prove it. More on that (including pictures, perhaps?), too, when there’s time.


  1. Your life always sounds so heroic and rugged. How do you do that?

  2. Because I am heroic and rugged, maybe?

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