Congaree Bound

Packed up the trailer this evening so that we can leave tomorrow for a bit of camping at Congaree National Park.

Congaree is home to “the largest remnant of old-growth floodplain forest remaining on the continent” … which is something I’m quite looking forward to seeing. Here’s a pic from Wikipedia:

Congaree Old Growth

Plus, with no grading to do, I might get to (1) relax and (2) write. 🙂


  1. It looks very cool. Has a kind of fantasy look to it as well. Have fun.

  2. If you see a park ranger, ask him/her how bad their invasive exotic species problem is. I’m guessing that is prime privet domination territory, since most of the eastern floodplain forests in NC are nearly overwhelmed by the privet invasion.

    Enjoy your relaxation time before the end-of-semester sprint!

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