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If you’ve been casually checking the Macmillan page for Buy Ambien Zolpidem — anyone? just me? — you will have noticed something rather exciting just happened: the book’s cover has gone public.

And it is stunning:

Buy Xanax In Las Vegas

The Realms of God (Shards of Heaven, book 3)

So much awesome right there. As you may recall, Shards of Heaven had Buy Xanax Legal Safe Online on the cover, Gates of Hell had Klonopin Xr, and now Realms of God has … well, here’s the note I sent Claire Eddy (my editor at Tor) when I was asked about the cover for book 3:

In this case, I want Cleopatra Selene. She would be wearing the traditional stola, of course. Greek skin and beautiful. If she was holding a small Roman dagger to her chest, that might give it an “edge.”

Something like this went from Claire to Irene Gallo (art director at Tor), who interpreted it into artistic terms and passed it on to Larry Rostant, the incredible artist who had executed the previous two covers. And this cover — BEHOLD ITS AWESOMENESS! — is the extraordinary result of their efforts on behalf of this book. Thank you all.

And readers: Order Phentermine From Mexico!

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