Creative Writing Class Update (Foster Brooks Celebration)

It’s end-of-semester crunch time, which means I’m practically living in my office as I grade papers and meet with students preparing same. The students aren’t the only ones counting the days until Summer!

On the plus side, I did have some good news today. As noted here recently, creative writing hasn’t been taught at The Citadel for a few years: the class was offered, but not enough students ever signed up. In a surprising development, I was told I would get my first chance at the course for the coming Fall term (surprising because I’m the Medievalist, not the Creative Writer on faculty). This was such a show of faith in me that I’ve honestly been fretting a bit about whether the class would make or not. I didn’t want to let anyone down.

Well, registration has been open for a few days now, and I just checked the enrollment for it. The class probably could have made with less, but I knew I needed double-digits to feel really secure. I’m pleased to say that at the moment I have 12 — with several folks who have said they are planning to enroll but haven’t done so yet.

It’s a crazy thought, but I just might fill the course (the cap is 15).

To celebrate, I give you Foster Brooks with Dean Martin. It has absolutely no bearing on creative writing, but it makes me smile:

On the slightly sad-side, seeing this does remind me how great comedy was “back in the day” (which is before my day, but you know what I mean).

Regardless, enjoy.


  1. Anita Livingston

    So glad to hear of the enrollment. You should feel very relieved and also very proud. What it shows among other things is the confidence of the school administrators in you as a teacher, and the reputation you have earned among the student body. Mom and I are very proud.

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