Dear Captain Livingston

I received a bit of academic mail yesterday that began thus. I stared at it for a good ten seconds before I realized it really was for me. You’d think I’d be used to this military rank business after two years, but you’d be wrong. It’s just really strange to me still.

After I realized it was me, I had a minute or two of soul-searching as I tried to figure out if I just didn’t like being called Captain Livingston and, if so, what I’d prefer to be called. Doctor Livingston? Professor Livingston?

The only conclusion I could come to in the end was that none of ’em sound like me.

Captain Doctor Professor Livingston, though … that’s got a nice ring to it, eh?


  1. Um you forgot the “sir”…shouldn’t it be Captain Doctor Professor Livingston Sir *salutes* *clicks heals*.


  2. Actually, that elaborate form of address would at least make clear that the person WAS kidding. It’s when folks take the military goofiness seriously that I get most annoyed!

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