Did You Know? 4.0

I’ve mentioned previously my love of the Shift Happens 2.0 clip on YouTube. Well, it’s been updated to what’s being called “4.0”:

I still think this is the simplest, most concise statement about the importance of critical thinking, which is what I’m ultimately teaching in my classes. After all, critical thinking is about the only thing that technology is not scheduled to do better than we do.


  1. This is 3.0, not 4.0, as you have erroneously titled this. Shame on you.

  2. Really? Huh. Odd. My bad, I guess.

    Oh, and my shame. Shame!

  3. This is a realy great presentation, i was so inspired of this so I wanted to see more… …but I can’t find any 🙁 so I maked an own “did you know” presentation, looks a little like this one, same song plzzz watch it and say what you think: righthere-rightnow.tk

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