Did You Know?

My parents put me on to this little movie, originally put together by Karl Fisch, the director of technology for a Colorado high school. It’s a simple presentation, providing a few basic facts about what our world is and what it will soon be. It isn’t political. It’s practical.

Watch it. Encourage others to do so.

Some of you are science fiction writers, and while I think this information is universally applicable, it is doubly appropriate for those of us who have an eye toward the future. Because if there’s one thing that Fisch’s facts make clear, it is that the future, in a way none of us can truly comprehend — because no one, no one in the history of history has faced anything like it — is hurtling towards the present with all the implacably frantic rush of a runaway train.

It’s frightening, and it’s exhilerating.

It’s the reality of life in exponential times.

And I hope we’re ready for it.

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