DVDs in Cars

One Light DisplayI decided this afternoon to take the rest of the year off from work. As a result, we took advantage of my off evening to drive and walk through the Charleston County Festival of Lights, which is an absolutely extraordinary display of over two million lights (seriously, who counts ’em?) in a big county park. It was really beautiful and quite pleasant.

In fact, I loved everything but this: About halfway through one of the lazy meanderings in our car we were passed by some massive, petrol-plumper of an SUV that was driving through all this heart-warming holiday wonderment with an animated movie playing on the drop-down DVD players above the back seats.

I repeat: Amid the glory and gorgeousness of a holiday light festival, the kids were watching a movie.

My hope for our future died just a little bit in that moment, though hope springs eternal that those driving DVD players will short-out and croak in the new year. You know, pull a Zune.

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