English Department Website

Last August our new department chair asked for volunteers to look at redesigning our current website; long story short, I ended up doing a full revision of the layout and coding from scratch. The new one is hosted on the “testing” area of my site here while the department looks it over and gives me feedback.

I’m certain there’ll be changes made, but I sure hope they aren’t significant. Not because I don’t want the criticism, but because I don’t have enough hours in the day for everything!

FYI: It’s a bit Livingston-centric at the moment — I’m responsible for all the pictures, and I’m the only faculty member with an individual page — but that’s just because I worked with what I had at hand. I’m hoping content will start rolling in from the rest of the faculty soon after the design work is settled.

PS: Try resizing one of the pages. See the way that banner stays centered? I’m really proud of that effect.


  1. So, do you want feedback? Because I’ve got some if you want it.

    Spiffy adaptable banner, sir.

  2. If you have some, sure! Send it off-line, though.

  3. Dr. Livingston, here’s the link to that vid I was talking about in class.


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