The Temples of the Ark

An epic historical fantasy that rocks the foundations of the ancient world: “Grounded in history, mythology, and religion.” — Publisher’s Weekly on The Shards of Heaven

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The Temples of the Ark

The Temples of the Ark


A prequel to Livingston’s historical fantasy series The Shards of Heaven (Tor/Macmillan), “The Temples of the Ark” is set in Egypt, during Alexander the Great’s conquest. Crossing the desert after visiting the famed oracle of Siwa Oasis, the Greek king encounters the army of the king and queen of Nubia, which soon sets Alexander and his friend and lover Hephastion on an adventure to protect the fabled Ark of the Covenant.

“The Temples of the Ark” deepens the world of Michael Livingston’s remarkable Shards of Heaven, a historical fantasy that reveals the hidden magic behind the history we know, and commences a war greater than any mere mortal battle.

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