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I’ve been kinda sorta busy of late (what’s new?), but I thought I’d pop up here to report five items of good news.

1. My mother underwent a successful surgery last week.  All else pales beside this good news, but I did promise five items…

2. I’ve been reappointed for another year at El Cid.  A darn good thing, too, since I love it here.

3. The creator of Arrested Development, along with a few of its cast members, are reuniting for an animated series that debuts on 19 April. Since AD was the funniest show ever on television, I can’t wait to see Buy Ambien Zolpidem.

4. The azaleas are blooming beautifully all along the front and back of the house.  Heck, they’re blooming everywhere I look.

5. Did I mention the news about my mom?


  1. 1 and 5 certainly are good news…make that excellent news! I wish your mom a very speedy recovery! Summer is coming up and she might need to catch a few more tipping Jeeps!

  2. I’m very glad to hear 1 and 5 is a bonus.

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