GeoTrax, Baby!

Like a great many young toddlers these days, Young Master likes trains. Likes ’em a lot.

It’s that Thomas bloke, of course. All blue and happy and pip-pip, cheerio, chap! He’s like a cheeky little drug for the little ones. I personally think it’s those dastardly Brits getting back at us for kicking Cornwallis’ butt.

Anyway, we decided early on that we weren’t going to buy a bunch of Thomas stuff. It’s expensive. Besides that, it isn’t all that nifty. I mean, I’ve spent a lot of time playing with sets in the kids’ section at Barnes and Noble, and they just aren’t all that special. So how to get little buddy his train fix while getting us more fun and less expenditure?

GeoTrax, baby.

Young Master has been picking up sets here and there for birthdays and Hanukwanzmastide and such, but we also made a Big Score on eBay last week, getting a bunch more extra tracks to add to our growing collection. The set-up a couple of days ago:

GeoTrax Fun

GeoTrax Fun

Pretty cool, eh? You can push trains around, and you can run them automatically, rather like an old slot-car set. He even has a Lightning McQueen and a Doc Hudson that’ll run around the rails.

Adding to the sweetness quotient, Young Master insists that I always play Doc. He, on the other hand, he gets to be McQueen, since “he’s a winner.”

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