Google Analytics

In listing my many Google loves in my last post, I somehow forgot to mention Google Analytics, which is (not surprisingly) fabulous.

Just for fun this evening, I thought I’d fire it up to see what damage my intermittent posting the past month has wrought. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I feared. Even with my general lack of wit and time hereabouts, I’ve had visitors from 42 different countries and territories in the past four weeks.

42. By an odd coincidence, some readers will know that’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything. As Keanu Reeves would say, “Whoa.”

Looking over my map of visitors, I must say I was most intrigued by my lone visitor from Ghana. Pretty amazing that something I wrote here was read, well, way over there!


  1. And by an odder coincidence… you are making those observations about the number 42 on Towel Day!

  2. That is pretty remarkable, Lon. Not planned, I assure you!

  3. @ Michael Livingston
    Somewhere, an Improbability Engine just kicked it up a notch….

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