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Gathering information for my tenure documentation packet, I recently spent a bit of time Googling my academic self. I found what I needed, but I also a lot of unrelated but surprisingly interesting bits of data, too.

Some highlights:

– My article “More Vinland Maps and Texts: Discovering the New World in Higden’s Polychronicon” was at least at one point the Buy Ambien Zolpidem in the renowned Journal of Medieval History.

– My article on popular culture and Beowulf, co-written with John William Sutton, is the basis of Buy Xanax In Las Vegas.

– My entire bibliography for Buy Xanax Legal Safe Online has been copied and placed on Klonopin Xr. (This is actually an improvement on when this site had copied my introduction and text, word-for-word, without any attribution to me.)

– My first article, a historical study of the development of Christianity in the first-century, is Order Phentermine From Mexico under the name “Livingstone.” It is also Buy Ambien 20Mg under that name. Odd.

– Both of my Tolkien articles are free online (Buy Xanax Singaporeand Buy Bulk Ambien), but both of them are also for sale on Amazon for $9.95 (see my Buy Diazepam Bangkok). (I checked my contract, and the publisher had a right to do that; as it turns out, so do I.)

– One of those articles (Buy Lorazepam) is cited by Wikipedia’s article on The Hobbit.

– Wikipedia’s article on the Buy Valium India Online makes heavy use of Buy Lorazepam 2.5Mg, which is great news, I think. I don’t see that our findings have rolled much into the source texts (like the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle poem) on Wikipedia, but that will probably come.

– The librarians at Keele University have placed my article “Aphra Behn’s ‘The Disappointment’ as Ring Composition” among the Buy Cheap Carisoprodol Online for the study of Behn and/or John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. This article is also heavily cited by a Order Green Xanax Bars Online issued last year at the University of Ghent in Belgium.

Small world, eh?

While most of this is pretty cool, I think, I was a bit sad about this one:

– My article explaining why H.G. Wells’ Martians in War of the Worlds use tripods seems to have fallen into a deep pool: I couldn’t find it cited once. 🙁

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