Grading and Halloween

This is shaping up to be a busy weekend. I’ve got two stacks of grading to push through, but I also have a wee lad to take to a couple of Halloween festivities.

This is the first year he’s been roughly aware of the holiday, and it’s been interesting seeing him process the whole thing. We eventually got him straightened out on the fact that he’d get to dress up this one day only, at which point he began to insist that he wanted to be a lion, for which a really awesome costume was acquired and constructed.

The past week, naturally, he started going on about being an elephant instead. And once we got that idea out of his head he informed us he was going to be a fish.


No, son. You’re going to be a lion. And you’re going to be happy about it.

For my part, the Hobbit has long insisted that I’ll be going as a giraffe, though I’m afraid that will not be the case. I’ll likely be a priest, since it’s one of the few costumes I have on hand. Unless I go barbarian again in order to scare up interest in my Tolkien class, for which I’ve started to distribute advertising fliers.

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