Guessing My Daughter-to-be’s Birthdate

Child 2.0 is due on 9 May, in less that three weeks. Child 1.0 was a couple weeks early, and it’s apparently statisically likely that a second child will arrive earlier than a first. Any bets on my daughter-to-be’s birthdate?

I’m putting my money on 26 April, because that would be remarkably inconvenient given my many end-of-term duties.

Murphy’s Law is a constant of the universe, no?


  1. Are you sure the 25th wouldn’t be even worse? If she waits until the 26th, you’ll have all day Saturday for grading and watching the NFL draft….

  2. Good point.

    And go Broncos.

  3. The 27th…just because.

  4. I actually think it’ll be in May…

  5. My experience is the mom-to-be seems to know better than anyone!

    ….so, how about May 5th Sherry?

  6. eeek I just realized I picked Cinco De Mayo!!!

  7. Good (first) call, Kate! The winning bid was 4/27/09 — though I’m going to take partial credit since Mom went into labor around noon on the 26th.

    I think she held the little girl in those extra 19 minutes just to make me wrong. 🙂

  8. Nice guessing, Kate! Since she was over 8 lbs, I’m VERY glad that she decided not to wait until May 9!

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