Halloween in the Barracks

This Halloween, I dressed up as an Army captain to teach class. Would’ve been exciting if I hadn’t done the same thing every Friday (and Monday and Wednesday).

This evening, though, I did pull the fur and leather out of the attic in order to dress up as a good ol’ fashioned barbarian to take the knight-garbed Hobbit out for his festivities. The cadets in one of the battalions (go 4th!) put together a wee Halloween Carnival for the kiddos, and we had a blast. I’m not sure if the cadets were more amused by the little tikes in costume (mine was the cutest!) or the English professor wielding a battle-axe*, but good times were had by all regardless.

*What? You think I’d do a barbarian costume half-assed? Of course I took an axe!


  1. Wish we could have been there. It would have been so much fun to see the Hobbit in his costume (and you as well, of course!). Please send pictures.

  2. There was a Citadel photographer there. I’ll see if he took any good shots.

  3. I still tell with great mirth the tale of a certain new professor, who on the first day of class delivered, among other things, a twenty minute disertation on the history, design and proper implimentation of said battle axe. Glad to see it’s not rusting away in a corner somewhere. Hope all is well.

  4. Good to hear from you, sir. Glad I made an impression — and that I didn’t have to use the axe on someone to do it!

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