Hurricane Season

I’m from out West, which means among other things that I have zero experience with hurricanes. Not a lick. Happily, this is my third year leaving in a coastal area, and we’re watching only our second strike possibility: Hanna.

Most of the cadets seem to be a-flutter with excitement, asking whether or not classes will be canceled for the storm. (I doubt it.) It reminds me of my childhood excitement over blizzards that brought “snow days” — I never thought the matter through enough to realize that we’d have to make up any substantial missed time.

Some of the cadets, I’m saddened to report, think in even more dire terms this time of year, conjuring up scenarios whereby Charleston is inundated in a cataclysm of wind and wave. I suspect they doubt the resolve of The Citadel, which is far stronger than they can imagine. I wouldn’t be surprised, should this campus ever be wiped off the map, if we just taught them in tents.

It’ll build character, right?

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