Influenzavirus A

Not a little “flu” bug. No no. The real, bonafide Influenzavirus, type A.

So that’s why I feel so horrid. The doctor actually laughed a bit, saying the diagnosis was pretty easy since there weren’t many respiratory problems that could make a person look as bad as I do. Gee, thanks. He said he’d had the real flu once in his life: 28 years ago. He said he hopes to never feel that miserable again.

So. Bedrest and medication for days. Tamiflu to attack the virus itself; Vicodin (the stuff House is addicted to) for the rather excruciating pain. Seriously, I think I’ve got a high threshold for physical pain, but it feels like I’m being bludgeoned with a hammer every time I cough.

It’s insult to injury that I have forced downtime yet can’t hardly keep a coherent thought together — making writing near to impossible. This post has taken a long time to write.


  1. Egads! I’m so sorry you caught that one! I was given that a couple of years ago when Kris caught it and brought it back from NY…I would have prefered a T-shirt with a silly slogan on it. I hope you start feeling better soon! I hope everyone else in the house is lucky enough NOT to catch it!

  2. Rest, Mike. Stop trying to type. Rest, fluids, and if you can’t sleep, mindless television. No more fever-induced hallucinations about contest secret identities. 🙂

  3. Oh no! That’s what my dad had. He said it was excruciating.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts, folks. I, too, am hopeful no one else in the house gets it. Sherry is on preventative medication. We can only cross our fingers with the hobbit. If he hasn’t been hit by Monday he’s probably in the clear.

    My condolences to your dad, Mary. It truly is a high-level mix of pain and exhaustion. On the plus side, I have lost five pounds. That’s good.

    Cathy, I, um, don’t think I can stop typing. Obviously.

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