iPod Touch Dying

iPod TouchFor the past couple weeks my beloved iPod Touch — a device I increasingly don’t know how to live without — has been intermittently pausing when plugged into something via its iPod connector. It’s fine just carrying it around, listening to music on the headphones; but when I plug it into the Kia Rondo via the JVC cable I pimp’d into place, odds are it’ll pause just randomly enough to drive me crazy. Then today I tried to sync up some stuff on the computer and discovered that the iPod dock, which uses that same connector, wasn’t recognizing the device. Bummer, but at least it showed me that the problem was with the iPod, not my pimpin’.

So this evening I headed downtown to the Apple Store on King Street and showed it to the Geniuses thereabouts. Turns out that the iPod connector is indeed bad. One fellow thought that it might be the result of the connector getting moisture into it, but he wasn’t sure.

I, ahem, might know how moisture got into it. But I ain’t saying.

At any rate, the lovely little device is still under warranty, so I have a nice fresh one coming to replace it. Good news. I just can’t imagine life without this little wonder … which makes me very frightened to think about how captivated I’ll be by the iPhone when I get it.*

* Soon, I think. I don’t want to own a cell-phone, but life is sure getting complicated without one. Citadel employees now get a 15% discount on AT&T plans, so my excuses for not picking up an iPhone are dwindling to non-existence.


  1. Interesting!!.

  2. Indeed. The new one should show up tomorrow. Great customer service, I must say!

  3. this is fantastic, i am going to add my papper. thanks

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