Jordan Talk on Thursday

I’m giving a public lecture at the Charleston Library Society on Thursday night. The talk, entitled “An American Tolkien: Robert Jordan and the Roots of Fantasy,” is now complete with the exception of one short “show and tell” bit for which I’m awaiting a single piece of information from Jordan’s estate. I’m quite relieved to have it finished despite everything else I’m trying to get done.

There was apparently some mention of the lecture in the local newspaper, but I don’t have a subscription, and whatever it was apparently didn’t make the online edition. If I’m lucky, a neighbor will have saved it.


  1. Good luck tonight professor. I tried to get there however i was threatened to be pulled if i skipped the dinner we had to go to in 2nd battalion. Hope it goes well.

  2. We missed you, James. I don’t know how the audience felt about it, but it was a success from my point of view: I didn’t pass out or anything!

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