JordanCon Schedule 2015

Once again, I am honored to be a special guest of JordanCon, the fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the late Robert Jordan.

As you’ll see, I have a very full convention schedule. In addition to my typical role as academic-who-appreciates-fantasy, I’ll also be squeezing The Shards of Heaven into every conversation I can. You’ve been warned!

Friday, 17 April

4:00 PM Writers Track – Writing Genre Non-Fiction.

There is an entire world that inspires and informs our writing, and sometimes, people like to write about that too. (with Todd McCaffrey and Anthony Taylor)

5:30 PM Writers Track – Query Letters.

A discussion over what to include in your query letter and how to approach publishers and agents as a newer author in general. (with Diana Pho)

Saturday, 18 April

10:00 AM World of the Wheel Track – Robert Jordan’s Redefinition of Tolkien’s Fantasy.

A lecture on how Robert Jordan built on the foundation laid by J.R.R. Tolkien.

1:00 PM Kaffeeklatch – Michael Livingston.

A chance to sit down with me in a small gathering for chit-chat and what-not. Seating is limited, and sign-up is required.

4:00 PM Swords & Sorcery Track – Medieval Moments.

A lecture (second of the day!) discussing the medieval origins of The Hobbit! Think you have it figured out? Come find out!

Sunday, 19 April

11:30 AM Writers Track – Writing in the Past.

Writing on Historical Earth can be extra work. Learn the pitfalls and advantages of it. (With Saladin Ahmed)

Looking forward to seeing folks there!

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