Laptop Rebuilt with Ubuntu

Started teaching yesterday. Seemed like good students overall. I’m exciting to start warping shaping their minds. I’ve scheduled my office hours for Wednesday afternoons, and it’s too early for many folks to be stopping by (the big rush comes after I turn back papers for the first time), so I spent the time with our Sony laptop in pieces across my desk as I attempted to install a new hard drive and operating system.

The digital surgery was a tremendous success. The Sony seems to be running better than ever, with the latest Ubuntu operating system.

I’d never used Linux before, but I’m really loving Ubuntu. It’s cleaner, faster, prettier, and safer than Windows (or Mac, actually). And with all the free software that’s been developed for it (plus software that allows one to run most Windows programs on it), I’m not sure why it isn’t a bigger Micro$oft-killer than it seems to be at this point.

Oh, I also built an external hard drive out of the other laptop drive. Now, if I’d just replace the Dell desktop, with its old CRT and what-not, I’d be super fancy.


  1. Just did this myself. I guess this is a really old post.. but I noticed it linked from another of your posts.

    Have you tied up your OpenOffice to your gDocs? Very cool there.. 🙂

  2. Aye, this is an old post. That Dell desktop has long since been replaced.

    I did see your note about tying OO and gD, though I haven’t done it. With MSOffice on all the machines, I’ve honestly stopped using OO.

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