Mark Knopfler Poster

Back toward the start of the semester, I posted about receiving a most surprising gift from one of my cadets: an autographed poster of Mark Knopfler, who ranks as #1 or #2 among my favorite recording artists. It was an astonishing gesture, and I’m proud at last to produce an image of it. Knopfler’s signature is in the bottom right-hand corner.


  1. Very amazing poster — is there any way to order this poster somewhere (the print/copy of course :-))

  2. Bernard Brouttier

    The only place to find that poster is by attending his concerts. I was fortunate to see him this week end in Hollywood and that signed poster was going for $100.00. Great concert/ should have bought the poster…

  3. Thanks for letting us know, Bernard. I feel all the more grateful to my student!

    That’s awesome you got to see him in Hollywood. My parents are actually going to see him in Denver this evening. I am profoundly jealous.

  4. WOW, you’re such a lucky teacher. My students don’t give me anything lol. I love Mark Knophler too <3 He is the most talented guitarist out there these days, no doubt.

  5. I’m a lucky teacher, for sure, Jake!

  6. I’m glad you have recognized that, Michael. Most teachers take their students for granted in life. Good job!

  7. What a nice gift! This student must be very pleased by your teaching to do that 🙂

  8. It embarrasses me a bit to say it, Linda, but I suppose you must be right. The pleasure was far more mine, though.

  9. Can I buy this?

    • I suppose everything is for sale if the price is right, but I’ll tell you … it’d be damn hard to part with it!

      Surely you can find one somewhere? Mine is numbered 103 out of 1000 … so there’s 999 others out there, right? And 102 are even higher in the pack than mine!

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