Mark Knopfler

I’ve long been a Mark Knopfler fan. From his Dire Straits days to his solo career to his soundtrack work (Princess Bride!), there hasn’t been much he’s done that I haven’t enjoyed.

I’m happy to report that his new album, Kill to Get Crimson, is another terrific success, interlacing a moody but mellow voice, aching but melodious guitar playing, and the poignant lyrics that make listening to Knopfler a unique experience. Indeed, it’s one of those pleasant albums that is suitable for both soothing background and intense scrutiny — plus, it gets better each time I hear it.

While it’s not my favorite track on the album (that’s “Heart Full of Holes”), the first single, “True Love Will Never Fade,” has been released as a video if you’re interested.

And here’s a video from an older song, “What It Is”:

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