Me, Writing Student Again

For the past week, and for the rest of the month, I’m a student again. It’s a strange sequence of events that has put me in the place of taking a class with the Lowcountry Writing Project, the local chapter of the National Writing Project — an organization for whom I’ve previously taught two courses — but no matter. The experience of being a student again, and being the only college teacher amid a class made up of K-12 teachers, is truly fascinating.

Alas, it is also keeping me quite busy. So things will be quiet here for a bit.

There is this little tidbit, though: as mentioned before, my Brunanburh Casebook is distributed here in the US by the University of Chicago Press. The book won’t be released here until August, but in the meantime I’ve learned that Chicago already already has it on their website. It’s fairly rudimentary right now, but it’s something! (As mentioned before, it’s already on Amazon, too.)

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  1. It’s good that you are a student again. I’m sure it would be a great experience for you. I have been working for three years now and I miss my school days a lot. Some of my colleagues have actually gone back to school to take their masters degree. I might consider that thought someday.

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